Laboratorio analisi

We are pleased to announce that our company, With a view to investing in the service of its customers, has introduced a brand new analysis laboratory audited by bureau veritas certest cps italy at its plants for the following tests:

  • VESLIC (C2.1 ISO 11640)
  • MARTINDALE (CT 2.05 ISO 12947-2)
  • BALLY (LV CT 1.1 ISO 5402-1)

THEREFORE WE ARE available for each type of test indicated above for your present and/or future needs both in the sampling phase and in research and development and production.

Corporate Consulting

ART LAB srl , thanks to its qualified internal staff, can offer the possibility for all the companies that need to:

  • improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals.
  • planning the realization of COGE (industrial accounting).
  • planning the implementation of procedures for managing, coordinating and controlling the activities of the various departments involved in the production, stockpiling, pricing and distribution (supply chain).
  • Plan the implementation of procedures to monitor performance and make improvements by ensuring product and system quality.
  • Program the annual budget, reclassify and manage the company for cost/revenue.
  • develop and implement procedures for product lifecycle management (inventory rotation/stock transfer)
  • monitoring, managing and improving the efficiency of support services such as IT, human resources, accounting and financial flows.
  • Planning procedures for managing and drafting corporate reporting